Success Stories

Exactly one year ago today we were at Wake Med and Brittany was having her back surgery.  It was a very concerning time for us all as we did not know the future or if she could be active in sports again. However, first and foremost, we give Thanks to God for healing her and bringing her through this difficult time, and also to the wonderful hands and expertise of Dr. Mankin and his staff, and to the Truly Wonderful nurses and staff at Wake Med from the admittance office to the operating room to the hall nurses to the labs and especially to the physical therapy staff.  And finally, we sing praises to the "Truly Amazing" staff at "APC" for taking such special care of her and her rehabilitation process through out the past year!  I truly do not want to think about where we
would be without you folks and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the special care and attention you have given Brittany in her rehab, for ALWAYS being kind and friendly when we visit or call. 

You have ALL truly made a wonderful difference and a positive impact in
our lives, especially hers!



To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this on behalf of Dr. Keith Mankin. As a mother of four children, there is no other doctor I would take my children to after the experience we had with Dr. Mankin. My daughter Meghan was told that she had broken her back. We were devastated to say the least!! You cannot imagine the shock and the fear we were going through and what Meghan was about to go through. We went to seek many different opinions. After speaking with Dr. Mankin and reviewing all of the information from the different offices, we decided to go with Dr. Mankin as our surgeon.

Thank God we did, Meghan is better than ever and so happy that she chose the surgery that has corrected her pain and injury permanently. His staff and the staff at the hospital could not have been better, they treated us as if we were the only people there and made Meghan feel at ease with not a care in the world!! When it came time for my son to have an emergency surgery on his elbow due to an injury from baseball, we did not even hesitate. We drove an hour and a half, they fit us right in and took care of Timmy on the spot! His injury could have caused permanent damage and ruined his future career if it was not done perfectly! Dr. Mankin once again did it perfectly!!

I thank God everyday for the care and concern that he has taken of my children, as well as the after care, the physical therapy, the follow up phone calls! Anything we have ever needed, he has been there! Any chance I get to refer someone to Dr. Mankin I do, and I will continue to do so!

In this day and age all people do is complain!! What people need to do is spread the word about their positive experiences!! It takes a special person to be a doctor and care for others and as far as I am concerned Dr. Mankin exceeds my expectations each and every time.


Cary, NC