Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Singing A New Song

About a year ago, my wife accepted a new position in Dallas, TX. It was an academic dream job for her. Once it was apparent that Dallas was a great city to live, there was no hesitation in supporting her career and making the move.

As with any major change, the move brought me to a branching point in my career. Would I open up another solo practice? Would I try to join one of the many established groups in my new city? Or would I take the leap into a different career focus - one of consulting on practice implementation and teaching on healthcare?

Several important factors led to my decision to follow the latter path. First, I am not quite the ingénue I used to be. Pediatric specialties require a long start up time. One needs to earn the trust of the community and of the parents before a practice is seasoned and established. At my age, I wasn't sure I would have time to devote myself to a building process, not to mention for the long-standing attachments that inevitably develop.

Another factor is Dallas's saturation with excellent pediatric orthopaedists. I know them all well and can unfailingly recommend them all. Although I flatter myself to think I would have been welcomed in their numbers, I could hear them say, "But where will you find your patients?"

The final and probably most compelling factor was an opportunity to embrace the role of teacher and mentor. I have always been academic at heart and the siren song of instructing was too great to ignore.

So here I am - same voice but singing a different song.

My consulting service is focused on returning providers of all stripes to the joy that they once had in working in healthcare. I can safely and boldly say that I loved every minute of my clinical practice. and I believe that everyone who chooses to enter the service of medical care feels that or felt that way at one point. Now, in an age of noise and uncertainty, politics and polemics, it is difficult to remember. Why did we choose to become doctors? Nurses? Therapists? Surely it was not to satisfy some policy written by a remote and monolithic government. It was to reach out and help others. As corny and as idealistic as that sounds, it is nevertheless the truth. What other reason would anyone have to devote so much time and sacrifice to such a difficult undertaking.

I am happy to have a platform to give voice to my ideas, even if only a few are listening. I have the opportunity to talk with providers and patients and policy makers - to learn and teach what medical care is all about. As such, this blog has been revitalized to serve as a place to record what I've learned. And hopefully a place to engage in dialogue with others.

Welcome back to my blog. I hope you enjoy the song.

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